Summer lane in the Donegal Highlands

Summer in the Donegal Highlands

Came across this wee road whilst up in the Donegal Highlands. When I say “road” it was no more than a track really. It probably looked like that a hundred years ago, seemed to be frozen in time. I got the sense that if I kept on walking I’d never round that bend. This was a summers day and that meant one thing to a painter prospecting for subjects and views – colour. The colours that day really sang. I could see the potential of this for a painting. The foreground had these beautiful trees that cast deep purple shadows across the lane. The lines of the laneway took up much of the foreground then led the eye up and into the mid ground where the shadows deepened. Finally, the eye rested on the distant hills that could be just glimpsed in the far distance. A real find indeed…

Summer lane in the Donegal Highlands

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