Thistles & Wildflowers

Wild Flowers at the DowningsThese beautiful wild flowers caught my eye. This painting is all about the foreground. The purple flowers contrasted with the yellow buttercups and daisies and the surrounding greenery. This is really a natural snapshot of a place. This was captured in an area of outstanding Beauty in Ireland, in County Donegal in a place called The Downings.

What exactly do I mean by “A portrait of a place?” Well, these particular flowers would be native to that area and help identify where we are. They are unique in their combinations and breeds. This, then, in a way, tells the story of the place and the distant hills reaffirm that identity. These wild flowers are typical of this landscape and this place, as are the low lying hills and lakes in the background.

The detail, deep tonal value and high colour of the foreground is in direct contrast to the muted tones and hues of the distant hills with their blues, purples and white tinted greens. That sky also adds movement to the picture. There is a hint at high winds in the clouds, also not unusual in that particular landscape. In that part of the world dry, blue skies is the exception, chances are shortly after this scene was captured the rains moved in…


Thistles & Wildflowers

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