Amelia Earhart in Ireland Anyone?


A few extracts from my 48 page graphic novel, Amelia Earhart: First Lady of Aviation. The Second edition was published in 2012 by Uproar Comics. These are previously unseen or unpublished colour extracts. The original artwork was in black and white making the novel so much more affordable to print.

Graphic Novel First Published 2012

Amelia Earhart, First Lady of Aviation, is the first graphic novel from Uproar Comics and is essentially the story of Amelia in Ireland. A new take on the Earhart legend, half graphic novel, half prose, the book tells the story of Amelia’s 24 hour stay in Derry after flying over 2,000 miles across the North Atlantic in just under 15 hours on the night of May 20th 1932. The book was written and drawn by two natives of Derry, author Felicity McCall and comic book artist, Joe Campbell. The book is in two parts. Part one takes the form of a graphic novel with Campbell’s meticulous art recreating Earhart’s near disastrous, solo, transatlantic night flight, her plane (The Lockheed Vega) and Amelia herself, in fine detail. Although Earhart is well served on the American market this is the first outside perspective of the notable aviation legend and the first Irish publication.


Part two, A Day in May is the story of Earhart’s 24 hour stay in Derry, written and illustrated by Joe Campbell. A Day in May is a collection of contemporary press accounts, coupled with eye witness stories (including those of Earhart herself) The book not only describes the immediate aftermath of one of the twentieth century’s most touching acts of endeavour but also, provides an intriguing snapshot of 1930s Ireland placing the modern, feminist celebrity of Earhart (and her red and gold liveried state-of-the-art aircraft) within a quaint, alien landscape where a car was still a novelty.


New Full Colour PDF Download

But, I now have a full colour version of the story as a downloadable PDF. If there are any Earhart appreciation groups out there who would like a PDF version of Amelia Earhart’s solo Atlantic crossing or her subsequent day in Derry, Ireland this version would make a great reason for anyone to visit a site or for a school project based on Earhart both at primary and secondary level. Personally, I believe Earhart’s solo Atlantic crossing to be the pinnacle of her achievements in aviation. That flight is also one of the greatest endeavours of the 20th Century and worth accounting. if you’re interested, contact me by Email for further detail.



Amelia Earhart in Ireland Anyone?

One thought on “Amelia Earhart in Ireland Anyone?

  1. I am emailing about copyright – I work for a not for profit group – the English teachers association NSW Australia ( We write resources for our teachers and I was hoping to use a couple of pages from your Earhart book as part of a practice exam we are writing – Please email me if this is okay with information on how to acknowledge you


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