Poster Artworks/ Alternate Mementoes by Joe Campbell, Derry Artist

Hi folks, looking for an alternative, creative, artistic Christmas Present for someone close? These posters are signed and are part of a limited edition of 100. They are available at both A4 size and A3 sized posters.
Unframed prices A4: £25 A3: £50
Framed: A4: £50, A3 £100

The prints will be on a heavy satin finish paper.


Buzz Aldrin at Free Derry Corner lighterJust putting the finishing touches to a series of digital images, some old some new. I’m planning an exhibition of these later this year and plan to put out an alternative set of postcards/artworks that on the theme of images generated by memories of the troubles.

Marilyn at Free Derry Lighter

The images will be digital pieces, rendered in my comic book style and will feature Free Derry Corner, media icons, cultural juxtapositions designed to make the viewer look and think.


Look out for these hopefully I’ll get them into local tourist spots and The Museum of Free Derry and anywhere else I that will have them. Since so many tourists are drawn here by our troubled past the aim is to give them a more relevant momento of their stay, something unique and relevant to their visit.


Poster Artworks/ Alternate Mementoes by Joe Campbell, Derry Artist

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