I Dreamt I Danced with Marilyn


I Dreamt I Danced With Marilyn


I dreamt I danced with Marilyn.

We skimmed across the stars

bound by smiles

we tumbled as we spun

eyes locked, like Ginger and Fred,

I, alive like never before, she no longer dead.


We sailed across a chequered floor

and there, before an open door,

that led to somewhere else

we stopped and caught our breath.


And there, I bowed to her

and then, she smiled

and took her leave

to continue with her death.

Whilst I rejoined the living

my head no longer full

of darkness and of dying.


And then again we found ourselves

By the shore of an emerald ocean

She and I beside its nearness

And she offered me her gratitude

For granting her those moments.


And, again, we parted

ripped that dark divide

to return to where I started

Back to breath and light

to the miracle of existence

I Dreamt I Danced with Marilyn

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