Stories from the Northern Irish Troubles, A Graphic novel featuring the stories of seven peacemakers from the Northern Irish Troubles. Below is a link to the online version of the book. Been an intense labour of love creating this artwork but I feel privileged to have been given the opportunity to illustrate the lives of these remarkable people.

Harrowing at times, drawing up stories of murder, pain, incarceration, loss and tragedy. It conjured up some old ghosts for me as well. But, I really enjoyed working with The playhouse and all the staff who so kindly assisted, especially project co-ordinator, Liam Campbell.

The project was created with the assistance and partnership of Queen’s University, Towards Understanding and Healing, The Thomas D’Arcy Foundation, Derry and Strabane City Council through Peace IV and others

Below also, are extracts of individual pieces of artwork used in the novel.

Link to Online Graphic Novel

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