Cool Phil Lynott Artwork

These are a series of pen and inks of Rock Stars well… Irish rock stars, well… Irish rock stars that meant a lot to anyone who was young during the 1970s in Derry, N.Ireland, which was actually a bad place to be as it was a war zone at the time. It was the height of the Northern Irish “Troubles”. We did our best to ignore all that. In the midst of that mayhem we choose to listen to music instead and tried to be “young”

These particular performers meant more than most. They represented something akin to normality and notions of free-thought. Not just that, they had also made it out of Ireland and on to a world stage. What they expressed at that time was the antithesis of the Republican and Loyalist doctrines that swallowed up so many vulnerable minds.These are actually pen and ink illustrations to accompany new (as yet unpublished) poems. So I’ll include the poetry here as well:


Phil, vagabond and rocker
Playboy of the Western World
Poet, holder of our dreams
M16 rock
Machine-gun blues
Drilling a bore-hole
Through walls of indifference
Through the Northern Taliban pall
Through our hearts and through the wall
Lizzy – loud, live and dangerous
Twin-guitared, guttural
Over-driven purveyors of precision
Rat-tatted, staccato riffs
Razor edged and riven
Driven through our heads
A delicious distortion
Of all that was holy

phil 1

Cool Phil Lynott Artwork

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