Striking Rory Gallagher Artwork

POSTER 1 copy

Rory’s Strat

Rory, gracious virtuoso
Grounded in modesty
Loud, solo and true
Setting light to the crowd
Hammered, driven blues
Blood, sweat and torn apart
Bedecked in denim
Flat out, heart-burst

Caustic fingers
Danced on the board
Of a worn 61’ Strat
A treble-boosted, life partner
Customised, modified and re-wired
Tube screamed and twinned
Sunburst at one stage
Pitted and eroded
Stained, stripped and exposed
Down to the grain
Sleeps now
Glass-cased and silent
Good night
Hope you enjoyed it

Striking Rory Gallagher Artwork

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